Penetration Testing & Security Auditing

We do not limit ourselves to the standards that most companies are expected to live by, a simple vulnerability checklist is a great guide but it is far from enough to keep your applications secure in the real world. Manual application penetration testing and security auditing are two of the best investments you can make for your organization if you are running, developing or distributing software. In the most simplistic terms, we will identify and patch the vulnerabilities in your application’s code and we will audit, analyze, and harden the systems that drive your software.

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Common Penetration Testing Solutions

  • Static analysis of an application's code base and dependencies
  • Code-blind and double-blind application penetration testing
  • Advanced web vulnerability auditing
  • Cryptographic algorithm and implementation analysis
  • Implementation of ISO/IEC 27034 application security standards
  • Hardware penetration testing (ex: POS, ATM, Gaming Equipment)
  • Financial software testing and risk analysis

The team here at LYNKS™ has built its reputation around working with the unknown and esoteric. We specialize in securing complex and undocumented applications that can be very difficult for a third party to properly test. We are here to find the vulnerabilities that very few others will, we take the time to discover the zero-day application layer vulnerabilities that have the highest foreseeable loss while also being the hardest to spot.

We have many tiers of testing available, from simple web protocol and application layer testing all the way up to full spectrum security analysis for large enterprise applications. Weather your company is brand new or an industry leader, it is always best to have at least one independent company look at your applications and networks. We may not be the best match for every job, but if we can't help we will happily recommend some other great security firms that may be able to help.

Software Security Testing

There is no easy way to identify if an application is secure, some applications may only have a few vulnerabilities while others have thousands of vulnerabilities. It is very important to audit all code and applications associated with your main code base such as libraries, dependencies, and APIs. Our full-spectrum application penetration testing covers complete code review, manual and automatic CVE discovery , our private 0-day CVE database lookups, system and network layer vulnerability assessments, and much more.

We put a high level of importance on making sure we provide the most comprehensive testing possible. We log and record the entire audit from start to finish which will be provided for review upon request (when applicable). In the cases of full-spectrum security auditing and penetration testing, we commonly have multiple experts working in parallel, isolated from one another, so we can be sure nothing is missed. If inconsistencies are found, it is common to re-run the audit until all results are perfectly mirrored at no additional cost to our clients. This set of blinded checks and balances always leaves our clients confident that nothing was overlooked.

Common tactics used in a full-spectrum application audit

  • Implementation analysis and cryptanalysis of TLS, DH Key exchanges, data storage, HSM implementations, and app. specific cryptography
  • Comprehensive static-analysis code review to find the deep seated CVEs (DoS, RCE, Information disclosure)
  • Full server and permission security auditing to identify possible system and kernel exploits
  • Real world code-blind penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities through the eyes of an attacker.
  • Creation and implementation of patches for the discovered vulnerabilities

Our ability to think outside of the box and identify vulnerabilities from the same perspective as the attackers is a major advantage. We have our global consultant base to thank for this. We have dedicated ourselves to building a highly trusted, yet heavily diverse team of penetration testers and cybersecurity experts that are willing to share their insight in to the world of malware and enterprise attacks.

Our certified and educated professionals are the backbone of LYNKS™, but the knowledge we have gained from our global consultant base is priceless. We utilize our consultants from all around the world (Russia, slovenia, Austria, UK, USA, and much more) to inform our experts and clients on the 0-day attacks that won't hit the “main-stream” reports for up to a year later. The privileged information we have acquired after close to a decade of working with our consultant base is what has given us the ability to secure the applications and systems that most security companies try to avoid.

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Systems Security Auditing

Application security is extremely important, however if the systems that host an application are insecure then your entire organization is at risk. System Security and Application Penetration Testing are complementary to one another and are both included in our Full-Spectrum security auditing packages. An operation is only as secure as its weakest link, and just like electricity, an attacker will always take the path of least resistance.

Basic System Security Tests

  • Complete vulnerability analysis of all plugins, services and applications running on a set of systems
  • Complete audit of the filesystems structure, permissions and user accounts
  • Review of system wide and system specific cryptographic implementations
  • Patching of vulnerable kernels, modules and software to be certain that privilege escalation is not possible
  • Network testing to be sure unauthorized remote access will not be granted
  • App-specific code review to identify RCE, ACE, directory traversal, priv esc vulnerabilities, and more
  • Full blind systems penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities just as an attacker would

System security is not an easy task, it requires a lot of knowledge,time and dedication in order to be certain that your servers can not be compromised. 100% security guarantees are not common place, although we believe we can get you as close to a perfectly secure environment as possible.

Just like with application security auditing, many vulnerabilities we find end up being specific to the systems they are identified on. This means that even though the most secure versions of specific packages and software may be in use, most vulnerabilities are found in the way that these various pieces of software interact. This being said, we have multiple levels of testing available; from simple unauthorized access prevention all the way up to comprehensive network and systems auditing. If you would like more information on the various levels of security we offer, please Contact Us for more information.

Security Management systems & Compliance

In short, an information security management system at its core is a framework that is put in place to help facilitate and guide the implementation and ongoing management of your organizations security. An ISMS is usually very broad in scope, and relies on a properly tailored implementation in order to keep your organization secure.

We have the ability to implement our own proprietary ISMS standards for critically at-risk systems and infrastructure, but this is not ideal for every situation. Weather you require a compliant standards implementation or a proprietary hybridized ISMS that is custom built to your needs, we have multiple specialists trained and certified in the various ISO/IEC 27k standards (focus on ISO/IEC 27001) that are ready to get your organization up to speed with the latest sets of standards.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the most widely adapted standard set that we see on a regular basis. In most cases that we see, it is adopted by organizations that have to maintain some level of intrinsic or imposed standards compliance. If you require implementation of a new ISMS or need an existing ISMS to be brought up to the requirements of modern day standards, please Contact Us to discuss what solutions are best for your organization. Weather you already know what standards you need implemented or you have no idea where to start, we are here to help.

If you require an ISMS to be implemented throughout your organization, we sometimes recommend a more tailored approach as opposed to a fully compliant ISO/IEC 27k implementation. After decades of experience with these standards we have developed a methodology for building customized security management systems that will keep you more secure but at a fraction of the cost. For more detailed information on security compliance and security management systems, please send an email to with any questions you may have.

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