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Physical security is a very important part to maintaining a secure environment. We have the ability to print highly secure documents, implement networked and physical access control solutions, and to design and harden various types of secure physical environments. Physical security is a very specialized field and corners can not be cut if true security is a requirement. Our most common request is secure printing of employee ID cards and keyed access cards/fobs.We have a large base of proprietary anti-fraud and anti forgery technology that we have developed after decades of R&D in the security printing industry. Some of these include low cost TLI imagery, raised type, magnetic inks, OVI printing, custom OVI Inks, traditional and digital microprinting , stack laminated multi-layer ghosting and VLI, and much more. We also offer physical access control and networked access control for your corporate locations

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Common Solutions We Provide

  • ID Card printing and design
  • Secure printing of many types of small/medium run documents
  • Secure printing design and management to facilitate large scale production of secure documents
  • Tiered proximity card/RFID Access and entry control
  • Crypto-centric smart card based access control for critical infrastructure
  • Employee Account management and integration for networks and applications
  • Magnetic stripe card production, embossing and stamping
  • Design and hardening of dedicated or nested secure environments, such as server rooms

Security Printing & ID Card Production

Security printing is a field that is very cost dependent, and as a result we offer many different levels of security that can be applied to a given document. Complete protection from forgery is impossible, but for most companies only simple techniques are required such as embossing, microprint, or hologram application. We measure security of a document based on cost and time for an experienced forger to reproduce. We can offer highly secure documents because some of the methods we implement are 100% developed in-house and require very specialized equipment, this means that there is no easy way to replicate a document regardless of the skill level of the forger. There are many types of ID cards you may need for your company, From simple and cost effective dye sublimated cards with variable data, all the way to traditional offset/screen printed cards that become very expensive to produce and design when combined with novel security features. However, at the end of the day, a document is only as secure as the the people who verify its integrity. Because the cost of constant verification can be high for larger entities, we also have systems in place to help automate the verification process and to give shortcuts to the people verifying our documents without sacrificing security of the entire document.

Some of our high security printing techniques

  • Low cost raised type and ghosting of variable images using proprietary techniques for small-mid size print runs
  • low cost per piece raised type, TLI, and OVI for very large runs using SHG:YAG lasers and stack lamination techniques.
  • Optically variable ink mixing and printing for small-large print runs
  • Outsourcing of customized hologram production and application of holograms
  • Full or partial digital UV printing with variable ink thickness for high security, small size print runs
  • Traditional High security printing of base cards or stock to allow for in-house addition of data at the corporate location.
  • Low cost, high speed production of low-mid security cards using dye sublimation printing

Secure Access Control

Our access security solutions are custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. We are trusted providers of numerous types of physical access control solutions, from secure sub-location proximity card entry systems to site-wide privilege based smart-card access control. If you have any questions relating to our access control solutions, please Contact Us and we will help find a solution that works for you.

Common aspects to physical access control

  • Design and printing of secure ID Cards w/ RFID or magnetic stripes
  • Multi-tier physical user privilege management
  • Installation and fortification of proximity or magstripe based entry systems
  • Comprehensive physical security auditing to prevent unauthorized entry to rooms/buildings
  • Implementation of easy to use in-office ID Printing for clients who want full control over the system.
  • Network infrastructure deployment or development of cryptographically secure authorization systems

Access control can be costly but it is always a wise investment if the longevity and security of your company is of the highest level of importance. Most companies only require a moderate level of security, as even the most simplistic solutions can effectively stop unauthorized access in low-risk industries. Our entry-level packages are affordable and all of our access control solutions are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Although it is not a common requirement, We do offer comprehensive security packages that massively decrease risk of unauthorized physical entry to a facility. Complete physical security is no easy task and usually requires a complete redesign of a building’s interior and exterior, when this is not possible we do have other options such as secure sub-location design and construction. This type of security and access control is commonly used by data centers, financial institutions, and any organization that actively hosts sensitive data in-house.

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