Our mission is to make cybersecurity personal again by giving organizations access to true professionals, creative solutions, and real-world results.

What We Do

Our focus is cyber security, We pride ourselves in offering a large catalog of services that are tailored to meet the demands of modern day organizations. We specialize in software & systems security auditing, digital forensics, crisis management and fraud prevention. We offer consulting, long term managed security, one-off auditing, and much more. We pride ourselves in intellectual diversity, and we strive to provide creative and original solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

LYNKS™ is more than just a security company. We are innovators, designers, inventors, and leaders. Our vision and expertise stretches far beyond digital security alone. Security is our passion, but innovation is our future. We have no intentions of solely profiting off of the research of others, we will continue to give back to the security, crypto, and financial communities as we always have. We intend to contribute to a better, more secure, world.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction, no matter the cost to us. We have no need to implement shady sales tactics, deceptive security auditing practices, or drown our support in tech jargon to appear more capable than we are. We guarantee that every job will be completed to specification and that accurate information will be given. While nobody can guarantee perfect security, we do promise you the most reliable security solutions that money can buy.

Who We Are

LYNKS™ Security is a relatively recent collaboration of multiple cybersecurity organizations in the Buffalo, New York area. We have a modest but amazing team of individuals with a diverse background in the fraud, crypto and security fields. Much of our team consists of highly respected independent security researchers, cryptographers, financial application programmers, Ethical hackers, and fraud prevention specialists.

We have had the pleasure to work with many organizations across the US, both small and large. We have developed and implemented secure communication infrastructure for the NFL and we have been contracted to audit and develop secure web services for The Olympics and its subsidiaries. We have audited and developed crypto-currency services, financial trading platforms, digital anonymity services, AI for large scale data aggregators, banking software (both distributed and web), and much more. The combined experience of our team is what allows us to expand in to some very difficult to understand fields. If you would like to know more details about any part of our history, please feel free to ask.