Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is an investment that will give an unparalleled ROI when properly managed. As the threats around us keep evolving, It is imperative that your organization does too. Regardless of how small or large your organization may be, we are here to fully manage your cybersecurity needs. We provide all of our clients with direct 24/7 access to cybersecurity professionals, reasonably priced security-centric hardware, and proprietary solutions that will keep you light-years ahead of the threats you will face in the real-world. LYNKS™ is more than just a team of professionals; We are innovators, we are researchers, and we are creators.

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Our Managed Cybersecurity Services

  • Real-time network and systems intrusion detection, prevention, and event monitoring
  • 24/7 on-site incident response
  • Full-scope application + systems security auditing + hardening
  • Complete ISMS deployment and long term management
  • Physical security and access control management
  • Real-time user risk analysis + application security services

Don't settle for third-party automated scans and impersonal solutions that will only keep you partially secure and act more as a liability than an investment. Whether you just require employee training, one off security solutions, or completely managed long-term solutions, we are here to help. Our managed security services all come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fail-safe Data Backup Systems

A fail-safe and compliant data backup solution is one of the most basic, yet most important, solutions you can implement to keep your organization protected. In the event of a hardware failure or malware infection, a complete backup is invaluable, commonly saving organizations millions of dollars after experiencing a disaster. Although we do specialize in data recovery, the truth is that a data-recovery job will cost multiple times that of setting up and managing a proper backup system.

What are some common backup solutions?

  • Single server local file system backups
  • Single server remote backups with end-to-end encryption
  • Redundant multi-location dedicated or cloud backups
  • Real time data integrity monitoring to verify backup validity 24/7
  • Remote backups with fail-safe network architecture
  • One-click backup deployment to the original hardware

Most of our solutions are 100% proprietary, this gives us a lot of room to tailor our solutions to each and every client. We are here to not only find a solution that works for you, but to find and implement the solutions that perfectly meet the needs and budgets of your organization. A secure and redundant backup solution is truly one of the best investments your organization will make, your data can be protected but it can't be replaced.

ISMS Deployment and Management

Our custom and compliant Information Security Management systems (ISMS) are one of the best ways to too keep your company safe from a wide variety of cyber threats. We will create, deploy and manage an ISMS that best fits the needs of your company. Some of our clients choose to implement an ISO/IEC 27001 compliant security management system, while others prefer to have a system that is completely custom built from teh ground up to fit the demands of their industry.

What is included in an ISMS?

  • Comprehensive organization-wide risk analysis
  • Recurring full-scope security auditing
  • Risk management Systems and Risk acceptance calculations
  • Full-spectrum vulnerability scanning
  • Real-time detection and prevention of security incidents
  • Incorporation of secure procedures in to daily work-flows

A reliable ISMS should be all encompassing and completely designed to fit your organizations needs, "out of the box" pre-designed management systems tend to have a lower upfront cost but an increased long-term cost. If a properly designed ISMS is fully incorporated in to your organizations daily work-flows, the cost to maintain over time will be negligible. An ISMS should be thought of as an investment, an investment to secure your organizations intellectual property, trade secrets, financial assets, and your customers private data. Contact us for a free assessment or for more information relating to ISMS deployment.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Initial and managed real-time intrusion detection is a necessity for organizations in modern times. Most organizations will experience a data-breach that goes completely undetected. This means that trade secrets, customer data, and many other critical pieces of data can be stolen and used without any chance of mitigating or controlling the damage caused to your organization until it is too late.

One extremely common example of an attack that commonly goes undetected is network based PCI data skimming, a skimming attack can many times go undetected for months or even years if properly executed, stealing millions of dollars from you and your customers. This type of attack can not only be easily stopped when detected, but completely prevented with simple improvements to your infrastructure and applications. Unfortunately, most security incidents are much more damaging and much harder to detect than skimming attacks, we know how to keep your organization safe from even the most damaging threats.

Some of our methods

  • Recurring network and systems forensics analysis to identify high risk files and events
  • Real-time event monitoring and A.I. based log analysis to aid in detection
  • Cryptographic data security system implementation
  • Ongoing vulnerability scanning and static-analysis exploit identification
  • IDS software deployment to monitor and scan network packets real time

Every one of our clients is unique, and most require extremely individualized solutions. It is impossible to list all the ways we can help keep your organization secure in a single page of content, Call us now to discuss your IPS/IDS solution possibilities with an expert.

Application, Network, and System Security Hardening

Most system data-breaches are caused by a misconfiguration or vulnerable piece of software installed on the system. We will not only perform full-spectrum cybersecurity auditing to identify these misconfigurations and vulnerable areas, but we will also implement the proper solutions to keep your systems secure. Something as simple as a missing config property in an HTTP server module could lead to a complete network compromise if left exposed. We will take the time to find the holes in your systems security and patch them with the proper solutions. Whether you are running an http server on a cloud based vps platform or you are running proprietary software on a local cluster, we have the solutions you need so that you can be truly confident in your own security.

What is involved in a security hardening solution?

  • Manual enumeration of all services and configurations to find deep-seated vulnerabilities
  • Automated network and systems scanning to identify surface level attack vectors
  • Enumeration of all loaded kernel modules, system packages and scripts
  • PoLP and other permission structure implementation and auditing
  • Deployment of more secure alternatives to running packages and applications
  • Network hardware vulnerability assessments and systems conflict detection
  • Complete server deployment or redeployment and seamless migration

Dont let a misconfiguration cost you millions of dollars in losses, many issues are identified and solved with minimal amounts of effort. System hardening solutions are included with all of our top-tier managed security packages. To find a managed cybersecurity solution that works best for your organization, give us a call now to speak to an expert for a free assessment.

24/7 Cybersecurity Consulting

Maybe you dont need a complete security overhaul or real-time monitoring, but having a team of experts on call 24/7 ready to spend hours offering solutions, guidance and training to your IT teams is priceless. We have spent decades researching real world threats, our in-house research and information gathering tactics are what help us stand out from our competition. The knowledge we provide will not only save you time and money, but it will help you and your organization remain protected in the face of even the most advanced threats.

Common Consultation Types

  • Oversight of secure development for financial and advanced cryptographic applications
  • Systems security recommendations and simple on-demand system security auditing
  • Cryptographic implementation consulting to be sure your keys and data is stored properly
  • 24/7 access to local professionals ready to help your team in the event of a data breach or security incident

We will happily offer remote consultations by the hour, but a long-term cybersecurity consulting service package will cover on site assistance, employee training courses, and even basic audits. 24/7 access to our experts is included in all of our managed security packages, but we do offer this as a standalone service for those that already have the infrastructure in place to maintain a secure environment, but just require another set of eyes to help solve those advanced problems.

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