Fraud Prevention & PCI Standards Compliance

Weather you require simple standards compliance services or an entire fraud susceptibility audit, we have you covered. Our team has spent decades developing and innovating tools that will keep you ahead of even the most damaging threats found in the real-world.

Please note: The information associated with fraud prevention is heavily guarded. We will require some level of verification of our clients based on the level of information they require.

Fraud prevention & risk susceptibility auditing is not only required to comply with financial security standards, but it is a necessary investment for any company looking to avoid massive losses due to fraud. Our certified team of fraud prevention specialists will not only implement PCI Data Security Standards to keep your organization compliant with regulations, but we will go far beyond PCI DSS in order to keep your organization, data, and users safe from a wide array of attack vectors.

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Common Fraud Prevention Solutions

  • Facilitating in-house management of risk via education of staff, developers and executives
  • Progressive monitoring of a service or application to make sure fraudulent accounts and identities are not being used
  • In-depth analysis of core functionality to make sure nothing can be used or abused in a way that would damage your organization
  • Development and implementation of non-intrusive identity verification procedures (eg: Automated ID verification of online-banking account users )
  • Workflow development for enterprise applications to eliminate fraud. This can mean up to a 99.999% reduction in fraudulent activities
  • Data analysis to identify if fraud has taken place, and creation of preventative solutions
  • Implementing fixes for exploitable code in vulnerable software
  • Advanced user-base fingerprinting and cross-site tracking to preemptively identify risky behavior on highly susceptible applications

We have worked with many clients throughout the years, and one theme is very common among all of them; the developers and executives do not understand how easy it is to abuse their applications. The best developer on the planet will not be able to identify every possible attack vector in an applications workflow, it is just not realistic to expect this. Something as simple as an online shop can be used to launder large amounts of money for cyber criminals around the world. If a single attacker discovers that your service is vulnerable to abuse, it could cost your company millions of dollars in loss. At best, this results in a monetary loss. At worst, it can result in criminal litigation against executives of the company. It is imperative that these attacks are prevented, as post attack recovery can be far more economically taxing on your company.

Financial compliance and ID verification

Most of our fraud prevention services include PCI Data Security Standards compliance services. Our certified professionals are here to make sure your organization complies with all rules and regulations surrounding payment processing and financial data storage (PCI DSS 12). Standards compliance is our baseline service, but if a security breach is not a risk you can accept, our full-spectrum susceptibility auditing packages are guaranteed to keep you safe from most of the threats that you will find in the real-world.

Fraud can be so much more damaging than simple theft of data or theft of funds. "Know Your Customer" laws make it a legal requirement for financial institutions to verify and identify their users. It is important that this is done properly or you will be held legally and financially liable for a users crimes. How do you identify if falsified digital documents are submitted for verification? How can the risk of incoming transactions be evaluated in real-time? How do you know the person you are dealing with is who they claim to be? We are here to provide these hard to find answers and offer the solutions you need to remain compliant and secure.

Common Identity Verification Solutions

  • Advanced browser fingerprinting methods tailored to your application that can preemptively identify fraudulent transactions and risky behavior.
  • Work-flow analysis and infrastructure testing to identify weaknesses
  • Live application layer threat detection using proprietary software that will manage, list and report risk level of users for manual or automated processing
  • Customized logging and management software to organize and store user data
  • Educating staff and executives on how to quickly spot fraudulent documents used in the real world. The regurgitated methods used today are not only ineffective, but expensive and resource intensive.
  • Custom OCR, AI, and forensics tools to help identify modified images, altered audio, spoofed digital information, video stream spoofing, identity masking, and much more.

It is now common place for payment processors and financial institutions to offer "fraud protection", but in practice the party that accepts the fraudulent transactions will always foot the bill if it is deemed that they are at fault. It is borderline impossible to find the information you need to keep your company safe from fraud. Blogs and government education programs cover mostly outdated and defunct information. The saying "Once you have heard of it, it's already too late" heavily applies here. Once information has gone public, the true professionals have already moved on to a new attack and the old methods are adopted by the inexperienced. The solutions meant for mass adoption are usually ineffective against the highly educated cyber criminals. We have spent years acquiring knowledge on document forgery and fraud, this level of knowledge is unmatched by our competitors. We can guarantee up to a 99.9% reduction in successful fraudulent interactions. Please Contact us for more information.

Passive fraud prevention & management

Nearly every company that interacts with the public sector is at a huge risk of experiencing a major loss caused by fraud. These targeted and immediately evident attacks are commonly referred to as “active fraud”. Passive fraud is when a service or company is used to facilitate theft from others without being the intended victim. One example of this would be an online-payment processor that accepts payment in a vulnerable way. This would allow the service to be used as part of a fraudulent transaction chain. The links in the middle of these chains never experience any immediate monetary loss, however when the threat becomes large enough, the participants in the chain will be investigated, have equipment and data seized, and in some cases even be held financially responsible for third-party losses.

Common application types vulnerable to passive fraud

  • Online stores that sell any form of digital or redeemable products
  • Any website that accepts payments via paypal, Bitcoin, or creditcard
  • Any application that allows deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Any financial exchange services or trading platforms
  • ATM and point of sale manufacturers
  • Shipping & transportation companies
  • Any companies that provide goods to end users in exchange for payment

The criminal underground is very social, and if a vulnerability is discovered in your software then it is very likely that you will become the facilitator of massive amounts of fraud in a very short time. You should never wait until after an attack occurs to seek assistance, prevention is an investment, recovery is a huge expense.

There have been many interesting, yet devastating, cases of passive fraud over the past decade or so. Back about six years ago, any website that traded or exchanged in game currencies for many popular video games were targeted and used to launder hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin, Liberty Reserve, and PayPal. The owners of these sites never saw it coming, until it was too late. Another example is Greendot MoneyPak. This was a very widely used service about five years ago, however its system was abused to such a large extent that it ended up having to bury its legitimate users in restrictions and verification to the point that the service was deemed borderline unusable. These scenarios can be avoided with simple fraud consultations that allow you to implement the proper level of risk-mitigation before it goes viral in the fraud communities. Don't allow your organization to become the victim of an unrecoverable attack.

General Fraud & Theft Avoidance

Passive fraud is a huge issue; however, being on the receiving end of fraudulent transaction can be even more destructive. Many applications and services have hidden vulnerabilities in their workflows and code that would allow theft of user data, products or funds. Something as simple as accepting PayPal or credit cards in exchange for the wrong product could cost you millions of dollars before you even realize what has happened.

It would be impossible to elaborate on all the various attack vectors in a single page, so if you feel that a free consultation or evaluation would be of interest to your organization, please call our contact number that can be found here. You will immediately be put in contact with a fraud prevention specialist. If you are a recent victim of fraud and your service is actively under attack, please call our crisis number found on our contact page.

Physical product security

If you have a physical product that is in development or a product that is experiencing issues with fraud, we can help. We have extensive experience in point of sale and ATM fraud prevention along with financial infrastructure security.

Common Physical Security Solutions

  • Risk level assessments of ATM and POS devices and the implementation of these devices
  • Digital design (CAD) and production of secure physical interfaces for POS and ATM machines
  • Penetration testing and auditing of distributed gaming machines.
  • Development of tamper resistant electronics for distributed financial systems and vending machines

Security of distributed terminals and electronics is extremely important in the modern age. The tactics used by criminals to commit crimes such as ATM skimming, POS fraud, gas pump skimming, and hardware exploitation are kept extremely secret. ATM skimming has been handled very poorly by the ATM manufacturers. While ‘jitter’, longer interrupts, and defensive design has been very effective, there is a lot more that needs to be done to stop these crimes. With the roll out of EMV, ATM and POS skimming is becoming less prevalent but this does not mean your company is safe from attacks on this technology. Our services are targeted at crypto-coin ATM manufacturers, POS producers and resellers, privatized direct-to-consumer distributed electronics, gaming equipment manufacturers, and anybody else that believes their product has room to become more secure.

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