PCI + HIPAA Compliance & Fraud Prevention

We specialize in small business and enterprise PCI and HIPAA Compliance auditing. All of our audits are conducted by trained and certified professionals that have your best interests in mind. Because we operate as a trusted independent auditor, we are able to privately audit your organization and provide a complete report of all violations for an affordable price. The results of our audits are confidential and will only be shared with the client directly, along with a list of potential solutions that you can choose to implement in order to remedy the violations. Whether you need a stand-alone audit or comprehensive compliance enforcement solutions, we have you covered.

Every merchant is 100% required to abide by PCI data security standards, without exception. This little known fact is what causes many organizations to lose millions of dollars a year in fines and losses. Our PCI audits and HIPAA audits are always cost-effective, especially when compared to the cost of failing to comply with these requirements.

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Common Compliance Solutions

  • On-site HIPAA auditing for any organization that handles Private Health Information (PHI)
  • On-site PCI DSS auditing and scanning services for level 1-3 merchants
  • Pre QSA Compliance assessments and authorized scanning for level 4 merchants
  • Violation Reporting and hands-on co-operative solution development
  • HHS assessment submissions
  • Long term managed HIPAA and PCI compliance enforcement

Let us identify and remedy your compliance violations before they cost your organization millions of dollars, the trust of your clients, or worse.

HIPAA Compliance Auditing

Remaining compliant with HIPAA regulations is an ongoing struggle that many organizations have to face. HIPAA compliance is not only necessary to keep your organization in good standing with HHS, but it is a set of standards that prioritizes the best interests of your clients and your organization. With statistics that show a data-breach is not just a risk, but an inevitability, it is your job to keep your organization and your clients safe. An average breach can cost even the smallest organizations millions of dollars, If you are found to have compliance violations by a regulating body, or after a breach, you will be charged excessive fees and in some cases, you may even lose your ability to practice or operate.

HIPAA Compliance does not have to be unreasonably priced, but the cost of failure to comply with these regulations can be devastating. Because of our extensive experience in the cybersecurity field, we already have countless solutions available to remedy compliance violations at little to no cost to the offending organization. Most audits we do result in long lists of identifiable violations, yet most violations are low cost or free to remedy. In the event of a data-breach or if a violation is reported to a governing body, each violation (or PHI record) could cost you from $100 up to $50,000 each.

What is Involved in an audit?

  • Full on-site walk-through to identify privacy compliance violations
  • Complete administration standards review
  • On-site network and endpoint scanning to identify mishandled information
  • Remote and on-site manual scanning to identify PHI storage violations
  • PHI encryption verification and implementation
  • Employee interviews, risk analysis, and organization-wide protocol auditing + creation.

Our HIPAA auditing can be treated as a standalone service with suggestions provided for your in house IT department to remedy, or as a managed service where we will guarantee compliance, implement the solutions you need, and enforce compliance for the long-term. Whether you are a large enterprise organization, or a small medical office, our independent HIPAA compliance auditing is a small investment that guarantees positive results both short-term and long into the future.

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PCI Compliance Auditing

Every merchant that accepts any major credit card is required to remain compliant with PCI Data Security Standards, this is without exception. The payment card industry has recently been stepping up to enforce compliance among level 3 + 4 merchants. If you accept PCI data and are found to be out of compliance, you will not only be heavily fined, but you are also at risk of huge losses from fraud and theft. Statistics show that almost every organization will experience a data breach within the next 5 years, however this is a statistic and does not have to become a reality, let us help you to keep your organization safe and your customers information protected.

Most Common Costs Associated With Non-Compliance

  • Excessive on-going fines if found to be non-compliant
  • Loss of privilege to accept payment cards from the major providers
  • Fines as high as $100 per record after a data-breach
  • Potential criminal and civil litigation
  • National bank and merchant gateway blacklisting
  • Loss of reputation and decreased trust

PCI compliance should not be looked at as a liability, but an investment in your organizations future. With over 70% of small businesses reporting to have experienced a breach in 2018 alone, PCI compliance acts as a cost effective alternative to full-spectrum penetration testing. Because we are a private auditing firm, the results of our audits are 100% confidential. More importantly, It is your choice to decide if you want us to resolve any identified issues or not. A complete audit will provide you with a deeper understanding of what is going on with your systems, POSs, and networks while also giving you creative and cost effective solutions that are guaranteed to keep you protected from most of the threats that are found in the real-world.

General Fraud and Theft Prevention

Whether you require simple standards compliance services or an entire fraud susceptibility audit, we have you covered. Our team has spent decades developing and innovating tools that will keep you light-years ahead of even the most damaging threats.

Fraud prevention is not only required to comply with financial and HIPAA security standards, but it is a necessary investment for any company looking to protect themselves and their data. Our certified team of fraud prevention specialists will not only implement PCI Data Security Standards to keep your organization compliant with regulations, but we will go above and beyond to keep your organization, data, and users protected from a wide array of threats.

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Common Fraud Prevention Solutions

  • Data backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Facilitating in-house management of risk via education of staff, developers and executives
  • Full-spectrum risk analysis, reporting, and management
  • In-depth analysis of work flows and business plans to protect against abuse
  • Development and implementation of non-intrusive employee and user identity verification procedures
  • Workflow development for enterprise applications to eliminate fraud.
  • Data analysis to identify if fraud has taken place, and creation of preventative solutions
  • Implementing fixes for exploitable code in vulnerable software and systems
  • Advanced user-base forensic fingerprinting and cross-site tracking to preemptively identify risky behavior

Compliance Enforcement and Consulting

While a compliance auditing is a great way to stay secure and in good standing, an audit is just the tip of the iceberg. We always recommend compliance enforcement services when it is financially viable to do so.

Common Managed Compliance Solutions

  • Recurring and affordable risk assessments
  • Real-time proprietary intrusion detection system deployment
  • 24/7 compliance consulting for PCI + HIPAA
  • Organization wide quarterly policy creation, education, and revision

Do not allow a simple mistake to take you out of compliance. With our managed compliance enforcement you can rest assured that we will keep your organization compliant while also finding the solutions that work best for you at a cost-effective price.

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